Maria Afroditi Patsi was born in Ioannina / Greece.

Studied in the U.S (School of Arts and Sciences,extension,Harvard/USA)
(Brevard College, Graduate School of Design).

She has lived and worked in the U.S for 7 years until 2011.
Participated in numerous exhibitions for:
-Broadway Gallery NYC,NYC/USA
-Jewish Culture Gallery NYC/USA
-New York Gallery Week,NYC/USA
-Gallery Row,LA/USA
-La Luz,LA/USA
-Art Fusion,MIA/USA
-Art Miami,MIA/USA.

In 2016 she won 2 “Hermes Creative Awards” (Platinum & Gold) and 1 honorable mention. Hermes Awards are considered the “Oscars” of design field.

Currently lives and works in Athens / Greece as a Chief Web Designer.

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